Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Post 3- 11/22- I dared to be 'Me'

One of the worst regrets of mine is I had been too cautious whole of my life. I was too guarded of my image and impression I make on people. I was too worried of what others will think of me if I do so.  It has often led me to not to do things, which otherwise I would have loved to do.  Be it blogging, painting, organizing events, I was always leery of what I present.

So today I dared myself to be 'me'. Whole day, I made sure that I speak my heart out. I was not wary of what people will think of me. I just did what I wanted to do. I asked the girl I like for a walk (She hardly knows me), and to my amazement she agreed. I went to buy stuff in my boxers (I just never did it before).  I told my mum - how much I love her (Yes, somehow, I never told her, thinking it is obvious). I just did not say my heart 'NO'. It turned out to be awesome day.

Dare 1 one finished, 2 more truth/dare remains.

Stay Awesome :)

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