Thursday, November 17, 2011

Post 1- 11/17 - New beginnings

Hi, and Welcome.

"New Day New Post" is a self-search project of a person who has been living listlessly for months, trapped in  office and daily ennui activities and lost his spark. This project is an attempt to get back that spark. Of course, that person is me. If your name is not "Ravi Mandliya" and you have landed up here, it is just synchro-destiny. There is always a reason behind. A funny man, some one up there, called "God" wanted you to be here.

I remember my resolutions when I finished my undergraduate college 1.5 years back, I will not end up as a professional  IT nerd, working day and night and weekends. I will not lose the "creative me". I will keep exploring the new possibilities. I will keep my senses open and keep admiring this beautiful and amazing world. I will read new books, travel to new places, taste new food, smell new fragrances and meet new people. Ah! and then as you can guess, "Life" happened. I am now caught in whirlpool of  submissions, deadlines, meetings, projects, clients, training etc.  In short, I have stopped living in this new "life".

This project is just an initiative to get myself back, and get that spark back. There are some real simple rules. 
  • As the title suggest - "New Day New Post" means there has to be a new post on this blog everyday for at least next 30 days. I will religiously post on it. My problem has been I "think" too much, before doing anything. So I will not think about what I am going to post, and How is it going to be?. May be a pic, may be click, may be a post, may be an observation. Content will not matter. So I am going to imbibe randomness , and will go with the flow. It is going to be awesome :)
  • This project is going to be "secret". I am not going to tell a single soul about it. Only the funny man up there can bring someone here. There is fun in uncertainty and unknown. I may make new friends, old friends might find it good, bad, ugly.  Randomness again :)
  • Every time I miss a day, which I am bound to, there will be funny punishment. I will play "Truth or Dare" with myself. I would either put a "truth" as new post, or I will take a "dare" and do something which I always wanted to do, but was never able to do. I will post about the dare in the next post. I haven't done anything for 30 days in a row, so not playing "truth or dare" will be a challenge, and it is going to be fun.
I may come up with new rules later. It is going to be my game,  I am the sole player, and I will be the honest referee. This project is intended just for "ME", but if you have landed up here, and by any chance have any ideas, suggestions or feedback. You are welcome.

 New Beginnings indeed. I am loving it!

Stay awesome

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