Sunday, November 27, 2011

The other one

A very old saying - In every relationship, there is always one person who loves/gives/pays more. No matter how hard you try, you can never make other feel the way you feel for him/her. Every one wants to be not that person in the relationship. But what if you are the one.

I do not remember the exact lines of a poem I once read, but I do remember its context.

Lucky are those who are loved, luckier are those who love, but luckiest are the ones who love unconditionally.

Let go yourself and love with no expectations. Let your love be enough for both and for everyone else. True love can neither be measured, nor understood. Drench yourself in true love, because your selfless love is divine. Give all you have, but give like a king, not like a beggar. 

Break free from chains of attachments and expectations and Fly. Do not seek happiness, Because you are the source of happiness.  Let go..

Keep Loving and stay awesome

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  1. You wrote about miracles...I believe in omens too!
    The sign given by the universe to you...the point is how early you recognize them!
    This post of yours is one such omen for me!