Friday, November 25, 2011


Call from an unknown Number;

Me: Hello
Caller: Hey Ravi, Rachit here, Kya haal dost.
Me: Hey Rachit, Long time, Wassup Man?
Rachit: Good dude, Yeah really long time, almost 3 years
Me: Yeah, almost 3 years.
Rachit: I was just going through my old certificates. I have one of yours. Remember we volunteered for the "Art of Living " course at Indore.
Me: Dude.. you are an angel in disguise. I am in so need of that certificate. Can you scan it and mail me?
Rachit: Sure dude, I thought you will not need it.

And then we talked about life, Indore, etc etc.

Flashback- A week ago.

Taranjot: Ravi, I have reviewed your profile for universities. Everything seems fine, we just lack some extra-curricular certificates. Do you have any volunteering, sports etc certificates.

Me: I will have to look for them, I may have some at home. However, they may be of school time.

Taranjot: It would be good, if they are recent.

I didn't have any with me, as I had misplaced some I had last year. I was just praying that some how I find them. I didn't find, but I got this call.

I can renounce it as a mere co-incidence, but it is not. It is a miracle, or an answered prayer. Miracles do happen. Life is full of them, we just ignore them. Trying to make sense out of everything, find logic in everything, being practical as we put it.

“There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle.” - Albert Einstein

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