Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Life is now

"Zindagi Ek baar mili hai, toh do baar kya sochna" (Life is once, then why to think twice), this is a dialogue from the forthcoming hindi movie (Dirty Picture).

I had fallen prone to one of the most alluring and dangerous notions of postponing happiness.

"When I would have done this <obligations/necessities>, I would do this <hobbies/passions/peace> ".

I am pretty sure, all of us do this to some extent, and in fact to some extent it is right. However, so often we are so much involved in first "this" that we hardly have time for  the second "this".

Life is "Now". It is never going to be same again.  Don't let your beautiful today die in the lure of a false tomorrow. Everything is new in this moment. I know this sage wisdom goes to hell when this unabashed vicious life and its complexities laughs at your face. You tend to fall at times, and seem to be trapped. However, everything turns out well later, it always does.

So take out time to do things you love (I am just doing it), may be you will do better at things which you don't like.

May you actually LIVE each day of your life- Jonathan Swift

Stay Awesome :)

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